Monday, August 15, 2011


ONCE UPON A TOUR, at a gig in Chicago, my friend Hannah who lives there came to keep me company at the merch table. Paul, a member from the support band PS I Love You was also selling merch, but didn’t seem like the type of dude who wanted to talk to us about the Alexander Wang sale at Barney’s or the paintings of Sam Prekop. You know, the usual banter between two girls who haven’t seen one another in 9 months.
The next morning I was alerted to this tweet from shy merch/band dude:

@psiloveyouband The @sunairway merch selling team is intimidating. They could sell me anything #merchtablestories

Oh, Paul! Intimidating? How about “loquacious” ? “charming” ? “pleasantly barn bossy” ?
Thinking of starting a merch girl business where the tag line would be “We could sell you anything.” Need someone to sell your hand-drawn band logo beer bottle openers or band trademarked rolling papers? Done!

P.S. I (don't really) LOVE YOU (yet) Paul, call me! Let’s go for a drink and I can prove to you that I’m at least 99% less intimidating than the woman at the top of this post.

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